Affordable SEO in Toronto: Identifying the Real Thing

According to field experts, SEO proves to be one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies. And, boasts a significant return on investment. While services may not claim to be cheap, affordable SEO in Toronto proves to be the real thing. However, as in all business arenas, the fakes vie for the best spots as well.

So, how do you recognize a scam versus affordable SEO?


Yes, scams come disguised as the real deal across the Internet. Taking these precautionary steps proves to guard your business against fraudulent SEO services:

— Confirm that the company owns the URL.

— Check their website ranking.

— Research the business through their “About” page and social media accounts.

— Ask plenty of questions directly.

— Find out if the company is Google Adwords Certified.


Guarding against fakes also means keeping in-the-know. A few telltale signs should raise warning flags as you shop the market for an affordable, but quality SEO company to meet your business needs:

— Guarantees.

— Claims, even proven, instant results.

— Offers rock bottom prices.

— Practices in unethical link building.

— Pulling out one-and-done tricks.


When identifying affordable SEO in Toronto, be sure to look for companies that:

— Define the service scope.

— Identify expectations, intent, needs and problems YOU face.

— Deliver value on the landing page.

— Discover areas of profitability.

— Convert visitors to customers.

— List client success stories.

— Share expertise and educate you as the consumer.

— Understand the long-term SEO investment.

To talk more about affordable SEO, contact us today.

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